Face Recognition

Build your own intelligent facial recognition systems that replicate human tasks but do these tasks quicker and cheaper, anytime and anywhere.

Facial Recognition System is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

Supervue provides two types of APIs 1:1 face comparison & 1:N face search.

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1:1 Face Comparision

Supervue Face Comparision API does 1:1 comparison very accurately, fast and it is easy to integrate in your apps while protecting your privacy. Two faces can be compared to determine if they belong to the same person. Supervue Face Match has SOTA performance with no compromise in speed, where a one to one face comparison is done ~150ms.


Multiple face coordinates in input image, Match confidence score.

Sample project image
1:N Face Search

Supervue 1:N Face Search API allows you to maintain your own persons of interest list and then perform face recognition. Supervue Face Search has SOTA performance in identifying faces, where it can identify a face as minute as 50px X 50px.


Matched face(s)


Low Latency
Auto Brightness Adjustment
High Accuracy
1:N Face Search

This feature will be available soon.

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