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Supervue's products are an Ai assisted solution which gives extreme power to your security and surveillance systems.

It drastically reduces manual monitoring expenses.It will identify any unusual events occurring at any given time from dozens or hundreds of cameras.

This enables your staff to identify potential events and can provide insights all with one powerful tool.

With our artificial intelligence solution, you can achieve a 99% reduction in video overload. This is accomplished while still achieving real-time proactive monitoring.

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Online Proctoring

Supervue Ai Monitoring solution takes care of student ID verification and proctoring during examinations. We continously monitor and notify about suspicious behavior.


Touchless Attendance Tracker

TAT is an Ai assisted solution which gives extreme power to identify and log arrival and departure of your employees/watchlist from your premises.


Social Distance Monitor

SDM identifies people and distance they are keeping with each other. These statistics will be displayed on supervue dashboard to track social distancing.


Guest E-Pass

Cloud-based e-pass System where you can easily register and manage your visitors, with simplified workflows and reports.


Group Video Call Platform

Group video call platform empowers your remote workforce and customers to stay connected with audio video and desktop sharing solution.


Classroom Surveillance

AI-Powered automated online proctoring for scalable, and Cost-Effective Online Proctored Classes/Exams with human pose detection

Proprietary Tools


Face Recognition

Supervue FR is highly accurate and responsive end to end facial recognition system with easy-to-use API plugins.


Privacy Protection for Images

Privacy protection by cloaking your facial data before uploading it to social media websites will not allow to recognize your photos.


Speech to Order

Touchless voice based order taking system for Drive-thrus/ take-away counters to take orders through speech to order.


Face Mask Detection

Ai based face mask detection using existing ip cameras to identify people and check if they are wearing a face mask or not.


Cloud Connect

A simple tool to enable Ai capabilities to any IP Cameras.(Captures and Transmits Image feed from camera to supervue cloud.)


Supervue Connect

P2P resource sharing solution to run personal cloud services from your home without messing with DNS and firewall settings.

Challenges of Manual Surveillance

Needs lot of people to monitor several live feeds. But human errors cause lot of loss.

Usually not effective in detecting and recognizing suspicious events in realtime. Mostly used only after the fact, after a crime or an incident for investigation purpose.

Not practical for security officer of a large region to monitor hundreds of cameras and get required information.

Manual surveillance is not scalable as more cameras are getting installed as part of Smart City initiatives across the world.



Our module performs 1:0.5 million processed faces-comparisons in just 2.7 seconds. Which makes our module to be extremely fast without compromising on accuracy.


Our module has a SOTA performance on WLFW and NIST-mugshot datasets with accuracy of 99.83% and 97.8% respectively. This module outperformed many major FR-competitors in terms of accuracy when benchmarked internally.

Data Security & User Privacy

Faces are converted to multi-dimensional SuperVue hash. Retracing the hash back to the face is practically impossible, so user privacy is protected.

Bandwidth Consumption

Video feed could be converted to multi dimensional SuperVue hash at client location itself. Thus it will result in saving over 95% bandwidth consumption over network when compared to traditional systems.

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